Testing and Measuring

  Hot Tensile Test IBF



Alexander Braun

Manager Research Group Materials Testing


+49 241 80 95951



The IBF offers a wide range of testing methods, which are used in research projects as well as for services.

  • Determination of flow curves (tensile and compression tests)
  • Measurement of process boundary conditions
  • Physical process simulation (combination of forming and heat treatment)
  • Phase transformation diagrams
  • Test for bond formation in roll bonding
  • Sheet metal testing (Nakajima Test, Cross Die Test, Cup Drawing Test, Marciniak Test)
  • Forming limit diagrams (Nakajima Test, Hot-Gas Bulge Test)
  • Strain analysis
  • 3D scan
  • Surface topography measurement with digital microscope

Testing and Measurement Equipment

  1. Quenching and Forming Dilatometer (TA DIL805)
  2. Deformation Analysis (GOM TRITOP)
  3. Digital Microscope (Keyence)
  4. Strain Analysis (GOM ARAMIS, ARGUS)
  5. Hot Gas Bulge Test
  6. Servo-Hydraulic Testing Machine (Servotest)
  7. Servo-Hydraulic Testing Machine (Schenk)
  8. Servo-Hydraulic Testing Machine (Dyna-Mess)
  9. Deep-Drawing Press (Lauffer)
  10. Torsion Plastometer (TA STD 812)
  11. 3D Scanner (GOM ATOS)