Testing and Measuring

Hot Tensile Test IBF



Alexander Braun

Manager Research Group Materials Testing


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The IBF offers a wide range of testing methods, which are used in research projects as well as for services.

Determination of Flow Curves / Materials Testing

Sheet Metal Inspection

  • Forming Limit Curves (FLC) with Nakajima test and Hot-Gas-Bulgetest
  • Cross-die test
  • Tensile test with flat and round specimens
  • Shear tensile test
  • Limit drawing ratio with cup drawing test
  • Marciniak test

Determination of Boundary Conditions

  • Determination of the emissivity factor
  • Determination of the heat transfer coefficient
  • Determination of the friction coefficient

Physical Process Simulation

  • Simulation of combined forming and heat treatment cycles
  • Acquisition of TTT diagrams
  • Basic test for roll cladding
  • Determination of the coefficient of thermal expansion

Optical Measurement

Calibration Tests for Microstructure Models

  • Dynamic recrystallization (cylindrical compression test)
  • Static recrystallization (stress relaxation test, annealing tests)
  • Grain growth (annealing tests)