Production and Experiments

Hot Rolling Ahrens+Steinbach Projekte



David Bailly

Senior Engineer


+49 241 80 95914



The extensive equipment of the IBF can be utilized for feasibility studies and production tests. Test series can be used for process design and optimization as well as for validation of simulation models.
In addition to test series, prototype and small series production of sheet metal parts and bulk metal parts is also possible.


Equipment for Production and Experiments

  1. Die Bending Machine
  2. Machine for Incremental Sheet Metal Forming
  3. Strip Casting Plant
  4. Strip Profile Rolling Machine / Roll Bending Machine
  5. High Precision Rolling Mill / Wire Rolling Mill
  6. Hybrid Sheet Metal Processing Centre
  7. Hydraulic Four-Roll Bending Machine
  8. Cold Rolling Mill (Quarto with Coiler)
  9. Kuka Robot
  10. Leveling System
  11. Ring-Rolling Mill
  12. Forging Centre
  13. Deep-Drawing Press (Lauffer)
  14. Hot Rolling Mill (Duo / Quarto)
  15. Wire Drawing Bench