Office of Student Affairs


The office of student affairs is available to students for information and questions concerning the teaching activities of IBF.

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Academic Advising

Documents on a desk

Our academic advisors can help you with all of your questions related to the "Werkstoffingenieurwesen" (M.Sc.) course of study.

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Students in Lecture Hall

The IBF offers a variety of courses for different curricula. The topics range from the basics of metal forming technology to process chains and simulation methods.

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Student Theses

Documents on a desk

Our institute offers students the opportunity to write their theses on a wide range of topics in metal forming technology.

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Group of students at the IBF excursion

The excursion of the IBF is part of the lecture "Neuere Entwicklungen in der Umformtechnik" and takes place annually during the Pentecost week.

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Forging Identity

Forging of a horse shoe

A film about the important role of metal forming in the development of our industrialized society.

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